As I wrote in the previous section, the course is simple but the mental gymnastics make it seem hard. It comes to “I KNOW NOTHING.” I think I know the “why” but I never know the big pictures or the Answer. I don’t understand nor can I at this level of mind. I am the one that withholds truth from myself.

So I must ask—
“Do I want the problem or do I want the answer?”

That’s it—really—

Mental gymnastics get me nowhere but putting into practice all that is outlined in this course will do so.

The Holy Spirit will give the answer. Am I willing to receive it or am I so arrogant to think I know EVERYTHING?!?!

Instead, relax, let go, release –to truth—that is the answer. I know nothing but YOU do Holy Spirit. Show me—Help me to remember—

Whatever I see in the world that offends me, like someone who makes an unkind comment about me, just stop the judgment of what was said. I make matters worse by thinking it was ANYTHING.

In this section, Jesus shows me children (me) can be frightened by what they see –a curtain—a shadow—becomes more than it is. Yet when Someone they trust shows them the truth, they are frightened no more. It is not a ghost or a shadow that frightens me, I frighten me.

Such it is true with Jesus, he is instructing me that all I believed before has no shred of truth. It is all a mere shadow. And now the light switch is turned on, light illuminates the space and I see there is nothing of which to be terrified.

I exchange my fears for truth today.


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