“…to believe in truth-you do not have to do anything.”

It is only my ego mind that thinks I have to do SOMETHING. My “doing” is always a defense based upon interpretations I have made. Then I try to justify and explain why I made the response I did. If I trusted in truth then no defense is needed.

I also cannot analyze and pretend that I know why others do what they do. I write “stories” on why my daughter behaved in the angry manner she did because I believe she is inconsiderate. That’s my projection! I’m the one that is inconsiderate!

In this Jesus is telling me that I proclaim myself as “correct” because I think I know “everything.” I know why my daughter acts the way she does. But I don’t! it’s my own judgment based on my own guilt and fear.

Holy Spirit can show me a different interpretation. Perhaps her behavior was her call for help? Perhaps instead of ignoring it I answer it with love. Instead of attacking and defending, I can listen with gentle kindness. I can allow myself to be still and neutral.

How can I judge something I don’t understand? I can’t!

Now I can be grateful to my daughter for showing me the place within where I still judge. With her in my life and with Holy Spirit I can remember God’s plan for salvation. I can remember to forgive us both.


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