Ch. 13, II. The Guiltless Son of God

“The ultimate purpose of projection is always to get rid of guilt.”

Guilt is the obstacle that remains in the path of my knowledge and my love for God. The ego demands that I retain the separate identity to prove I am who I am, that is the form, and not what God created in Love.

Projecting guilt onto someone or something prevents me from witnessing the sham for what it is. The guilt is held firmly in place because of my belief in my role of condemning God’s Son. For this, I believe I am guilty and should be reprimanded harshly.

Yet I have not crucified God’s Son – myself and others – just because I believed it is so does not mean it is true. If I uncover this then I am on my way to happiness and peace. Jesus suggests what I can do to achieve this yet I dismiss it. The guilt becomes my weak ally instead of taking Jesus’ strong hand.

One moment soon I will take his hand. I will trust. I will see the chasm I have made on my very own to keep me from God’s love. Jesus bridges that chasm and I arrive safely on the other side.

This may seem to happen again and again with each belief about myself that I question. I question, I accept the Answer. I accept the Atonement. I accept liberation. I accept Love.


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