Last night, Rev. Paul led an inspired guided meditation during the Monday study group session. In this meditation (and it was not recorded), he led us to experience the Light of God. We bathed in the light as it gently touched our entire being. As we accepted the magnificent luminescence we are, a vast circle of this Light formed. Here we stood, those gathered with the intention of healing. We included in this expanding illuminated circle the injured, the victims, the families, and the shooter, enveloping each one in radiance and love. As the meditation progressed we combined more and more of the peoples of the world into this sacred circle until the entire planet was now as vibrant as the sun.  Here we remained in the stillness for countless minutes.

After our meditation, members had the opportunity to share their experience. Members shared:

  • This recalled the lesson that tells us “The light has come” and it certainly arrived in this illuminated meditation.
  • We were traveling within the light connecting with one and all
  • I could see the shining lilies of forgiveness rooted in Heaven and blessing us all.
  • Attack does not solve anything.
  • Sitting quietly with everyone is a way to remember we are connected in love.
  • I saw in the meditation roses covering the entire earth.
  • I witnessed the seeds of peace being planted.
  • Jesus joined the circle as well as legions of angels. Pure white doves floated out of Jesus’s hands.
  • We are contributing to the answer for the call for love.

As I shared with the group gathered near and far, ACIM tells us “The light in one, awakens it in all.” We are the lightbearers, the bringers of truth to this situation. We have the power of our mind to illuminate the darkness of hate with our love. We are love-inspired. We can fulfill our function as miracle-workers by doing so. We can stop, come to the silence, listen to His Voice before we react and respond. He will guide us. We place our trust in Him. He will tell us where we can be truly helpful and what we can do and say.

Is it easier to plop in front of the TV or computer and stay glued to the news reports? It seems that way for some. Yes it is wise to know the facts but we can easily become entangled in the event as we are bombarded with images and sounds as well as listening to the factions debate and bicker. We easily come to conclusions, we make judgments and we voice opinions to family and friends and Facebook. As ACIM students, we can instead be leaders. We can show the world another way to respond.

I invite you to invoke a period of time throughout your day  to be still and remember the Truth. Recall a Workbook Lesson or use a mantra of “Peace”.  Whatever you use, each time we do, thousands of minds are opened to God’s Love. Let us not continue to become stagnant on fear, but let us together demonstrate our quiet strength in Him. Let us step back and let the Light in us go forward.

“Whenever light enters darkness, the darkness is abolished.” T-2.VII.5:4

In Peace,
Rev. Deb


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