The power of decision is my own.

I have to take responsibility for my own decisions. Today, I have watched the drama unfold with my next door neighbor. Granted it’s been a year in the making. He is being evicted, non-payment of rent for five months among other things. He has been a seeming black spot on the neighborhood. Granted, he has been and still is a FO = forgiveness opportunity for both my husband and I with all of his shennagins, the loud music, the unlicensed pitbulls, the chickens, the smell and whatnot. In conversations with him, he has told Paul that everyone is out to get him in the neighborhood and it is this and that neighbors fault why he is being evicted.

Isn’t that the way our ego is? Our ego mind wants to blame everyone else for our behavior and our misdoings instead of owning up to the facts. In this case, nonpayment of rent. But our ego wants us to remain the victim of the world with our face of innocence. We’ve all done this, I know I have, in one way or another.

Yet, we have the power to decide. We can decide Who we truly are, instead of what the ego has made. I can decide for God. I can decide I will accept God’s Will for me. I can also decide for God’s Will for others. I can see my neighbor (and his landlords who didn’t do a credit check, etc.) with Christ Vision. In truth, they are innocent. They are as God created them to be. It is here in the world that it seems hard. I will tell you honestly, I have found this difficult at times as one thing happened after another. But I do thank my time with the Course as I can have a “course correction” to my mind anytime I decide to do so. I can see clearly and through the facade the ego puts forth. Thank You Holy Spirit!

The power of decision is my own. This day I will accept myself as what my Father’s Will created me to be.



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