I trust my brothers, who are one with me.

The mind of the ego will always look for attack from others so we stay in defense mode. I found this myself recently with a work client. When I received the message that there needed to be a phone meeting to discuss an issue, my mind did a Hollywood flashback to all the times someone “needed to meet with me to tell me something” and every time the outcome was negative. I did stress for a little while about it, yet I realized I need not do so. My imagination can run wild and it was starting to do so! Yet, Who can I trust but the Holy Spirit.

So before the meeting, I choose to sit in meditation here in my home office. A mantra came to mind, not necessarily an ACIM lesson, but the principles of ACIM were ingrained in the mantra thought. “Peace be to me. I am open. My heart is open and my mind is open.” I repeated that several times and purposefully sent love to the client. I saw us as one, working towards the same goal.

In the meeting, I reminded myself not to defend or to attack, but to simply listen to what was shared. I asked questions and received clarifications. Afterwards, I felt relieved. I succeeded. I did not allow the ego to mistrust my brothers. I remembered to step back and allow Holy Spirit to prevail. We are One and we are all here for the same purpose, to remember Who we are.

Blessings my friends,



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