God extended Himself, that which is Holy, and the Son was created. I may not fancy myself as the “Son” but I am. I was created holy. It sure didn’t feel that way as I grew into this body. The barrage of painful abuse of words and emotions, of physical pain certainly did not speak of this holiness. My holiness was negated. How could I be holy when “Well, just look at you, who the hell do you think you are?”

So it wears on. I used it as a bandage and a binding and yet still an overcoat to cover and secure my mental wounds. I reflected only the negative and not what I was created to be. This I have brought over my many years of this holy path of miracles. At times it can still seep through, a bloodletting of an old wound but one that the Holy Spirit would gratefully heal.

Jesus says that “the Atonement is so gentle you need but whisper to it, and all its power will rush to your assistance and support.” That is how A Course in Miracles came to me after years of whispering, perhaps even hoarse from asking for the help. Then it arrived. I was given the answer and the Answer was right there within me the entire time.

I extend my hand and His Hand meets mine. The Presence of Holiness is felt there in my mind in my sacred joining in the most serene of all moments, the Holy Instant. Gratefully I sit allowing myself to be bathed in the radiant Light. It is warming and soothing and reassuring. And oh so healing is the Light.

It is the response to my request and this I can have at any time and wherever I may be. It is but an instant of the power of healing which is the reflection of God. It brings me to a higher plane, it allows me to extend myself to my brothers, bringing all to Heaven at last.


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