“The only part of your mind that has reality is the part that links you still with God.”

That link is changeless and it is present. I want that link as it is the safety line while I am climbing the boulders in this world. I imagine it in my mind as I did once many years ago in a meditation, that of a golden, shining, vibrational cord between me and the Divine. It has life as it is life.

I have my part to play in the Atonement and that is the remembrance that I am guiltless. Not only me but all my brothers here. Not just the ones that I cultivate affection. We are all guiltless. Sometimes I may not feel that I am as I recall and remember my mistakes, but it is the truth regardless. And I will remember the truth as that is a given.

The symbol of the circle has no beginning and no end. Thus is God. Thus is me. Thus is the Sonship. There is nothing to “atone” for as I have never stepped outside the circle except in my dreams. It is a holy circle where all is one.

To remember this when I go down the dark path of despair, self-condemnation, sadness and judgment is yet another task. It is for my doing as I am ready to be quiet and listen to the joy in the song of Spirit. That is when I release the binds and enter into pristine purity. I am blessed. I had merely forgotten.


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