This blog post is a sharing in response to a homework assignment from the six week class, The Atmosphere of God, facilitated by Lisa Atkins, Ministerial Student.

Day 1:

Good morning, Amigos!

Somewhere in the Course Jesus comments that we do not know, but there is a Teacher with us Who does. I really enjoy it when I personally experience this truth for myself. This morning, I scanned through the list of lesson choices on our homework sheet and asked Jesus which lesson He wanted me to look at today. I slowly scanned through the list repeatedly, waiting for guidance to come through. Sure enough, my hand started to gently shake when I looked at a particular lesson. It was Lesson 170: Their is no cruelty in God and none in me.

As I read through the lesson, it became apparent that He was speaking very directly to me about something going on in my life right now! A thought, a belief, a god that I have been using to imprison myself, my mind, for many years. He was challenging me to finish letting the thought go – this is not the first time this has come up. This one scared me a little because I didn’t want to believe He was asking me to look at this particular one. I didn’t want to look at the belief and consider that it might be a mistaken belief. I have been afraid to let it go because it was based upon the strongly rooted belief that someone else must behave in a certain way for me to feel safe and happy. This is my assignment for today. To be willing to consider that there might be a better way. In the meantime, right now, I feel grateful for the experience of being reminded that there is a Teacher with me Who knows exactly what I need to work on and He will show me, if I take the time to listen. I am not alone.

Day 2:

Good morning fellow freedom fighters!

When I attack my mind, the resulting experience reminds me of the light that flashes and the thunder that slowly rumbles in a few minutes later on a dark and stormy night. In the reading that was selected for me this morning by the Holy Spirit, I was reminded that this is not the way the atmosphere of God’s mind works.

In T-6.III The Relinquishment of Attack, I was reminded that everything I learned from my ego body is not true. I am love but have forgotten that fact and need help from the Holy Spirit remembering it. As I mentioned yesterday, one of the reasons that made me feel afraid to look at one of my mistaken beliefs was because it gave me a false sense of security. I grew up feeling insecure and after all these years, I am still trying to make myself feel safe in subtle, unconscious ways.

The particular forms of attack upon my mind that the Holy Spirit has me looking at right now are the ones involving my 19 yr. old daughter, Autumn. When I see her behave in ways that I think are not appropriate, I think that I am failing as a parent to teach her how to grow up to be a mature, responsible adult. And so, in a flash, I come up with a plan to correct the behavior and I patiently wait and confront her later as gently as I can. The thunder always rumbles in later in the form of repressed anger and resentment on her part, and mine as well.

In this reading, Jesus shares that if I want to learn how to truly start feeling safe, I need to do a couple things. First, is to give up this form of attack. He states, “Safety is the complete relinquishment of attack. No compromise is possible in this. Teach attack in ANY form and you (Paul) have learned it, and it will hurt YOU (Paul)…your salvation lies in teaching the exact opposite of everything your ego believes. This is how you will learn the truth that will set you free.” Second, “The only safety lies in extending the Holy Spirit, because as you (Paul) see His gentleness in others your own mind perceives itself as totally harmless.”

So, with all that said, here’s my practical application for today. My ONE goal today is to have the little willingness to practice something that would be new for me. Over the past two days, I was reminded through personal experience that I can ask the Holy Spirit for help with something (in this case, selecting which readings to review) and if I wait, listen and be open for a response that will come through my body in some form, guidance will come. Therefore, it is my goal to practice this at least once today when observing my daughter – to observe, listen and be open for a response from Holy Spirit. To give Him a moment to show me something He would have me see or become aware of about her. It will be interesting to see what comes through.

Hey! Guess what? Something already came through – Autumn’s Grounded!! LOL! Just kidding.

Have a great Independence Day Celebration everyone!

Rev. Paul


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