Be not content with littleness. That’s all that I have felt of late is littleness. Littleness and abandonment. How could I be content with such. This world means nothing, it is dark in its nothingness. By choosing this, I have chosen the opposite of peace. I chose nothing.

There is a deep responsibility you owe yourself, and one you must learn to remember all the time. The lesson may seem hard at first, but you will learn to love it when you realize that it is true and is but a tribute to your power. You who have sought and found littleness, remember this: Every decision you make stems from what you think you are, and represents the value that you put upon yourself. Believe the little can content you, and by limiting yourself you will not be satisfied. For your function is not little, and it is only by finding your function and fulfilling it that you can escape from littleness.

It is a lesson that is hard, so very hard. It is from my own state of mind. It is from my very own beliefs. It is from the littleness I have embraced. I have allowed everything that has happened to me drag me down. I believed what was said of me. I believed it all. Yet, Holy Spirit can cleanse these thoughts. He can purify the littleness and let me experience the magnitude that is mine.

Do I want joy or sorrow?

Sorrow has been enough of my life. Time for joy to take precedent. I cannot trust the ego and its dark witnesses. I can only trust the Holy Spirit from this moment forward. I will be skeptical of the ego’s voice and I will only listen for truth. I can only trust Jesus as well. I will allow my holiness shine on and on. I will forgive those who saw only my littleness and wanted my demise. I will see only the magnitude and grace of everyone.


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