Holy Spirit,

I acknowledge You in my mind. I listen intently to Your Voice. Be gentle and quick with Your Message of Love and Forgiveness. I desire this holy instant for myself and another. I know You are with me in this. I know You see only the truth in us both. I accept my release and freedom. Amen.

“God does not understand your problem in communication, for He does not share it with you.”

God does not experience the barrier to communication, but I experience it almost daily. Words are symbols upon symbols and everyone has their own interpretation. Some use words as swords, weapons of destruction. These symbols can be used instead for love and forgiveness. How quickly I and my brothers can use words to mince one to pieces to make ourselves the victor. Silently or verbally, it is all the same.

These thoughts I have would I share them with myself? These words of bondage to the ego would I say them to myself? Why then would I think or say these words about others? It’s easy to blame others for doing so but the mirror is there in my hand.

Dare I look? I can look with love and see the Holy Spirit showing me the true reflection of the Son of God. I am grateful for the true reflection of Who I am.


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