Thanks everyone who joined our Thursday Summer Study tonight. Lots to take away as always!

After we centered ourselves with a short meditation, then a brief touch-in, Holy Spirit guided our study and sharing to Lesson 155 – I will step back and let Him lead the way.

We were reminded to take responsibility of our mind, especially now in the midst of the current political atmosphere. Our remembrance needs to be that our peace is not dependent on what is outside of us, but it is there solely within our mind. It is our own choice to swing to fear or be grounded in love. We are the light of the world and we walk with one another. We can be the leaders that can show peace is the way to walk. As someone recalled a sign they saw, “Do not feed the fears!”

In this, as several members stated tonight, it is an absolute must we step back and let the truth in us, the Light, step forward. Whenever we find ourselves upset by the political process, we are stop and ask for Holy Spirit’s Help. We cannot make any judgments, nor should we. Happiness and peace is not dependent on a certain outcome, i.e. our preferred candidate winning. Refer here to Lesson 71 – Only God’s plan for salvation will work.

What we can do is use how we are feeling as a barometer. “Oh there I go again, I’m upset by what I saw this candidate do on TV,” and recognize rather honestly that we have strayed from the peace of God. Peace is internal and eternal. Nothing outside of us can hurt us or upset us unless we give it the power to do so. We can be the calm ones in the sea of chaos in the next couple of months.

As we continue to practice and apply the principles of ACIM and we can be sure to be the leaders of the Light. We teach what we want to learn and we want to know peace in our lives. It shall be the demonstration we provide to our family, friends and others here in the world.

We closed as always with gratitude, as we feel within our hearts the connection deeply with other like-minds.

As in all of our study and classes here at MiraclesOne, we focus solely on A Course in Miracles and what it teaches. Be sure to join us next Thursday for this summer drop-in study, or any of our other studies we have here at MiraclesOne. You do not have to live near our Center in Madison, Wisconsin to participate as we bring the study to you through video conferencing and even phone conferencing. Minds are joined and what a joining we have each session. Join us for our retreat in September!

Peace to all,

Rev. Deb


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