God has condemned me not. No more do I.

How quickly we condemn ourselves because of our mistakes or missteps, things we have said, things we forgot to do, and so forth. We judge ourselves terribly.

I caught myself yesterday doing this. As I was using our paper cutter to trim some postcards and a flyer, I somehow managed to get my thumb on the blade. How? I don’t know but it happened so fast. Pain, then gush of blood and there I was. I don’t like the site of blood, but I did act quickly. I could feel the ego thoughts start to come in: “How could you be so stupid?” and “You should watch what you are doing?” I’m sure you have heard these types of thoughts before, all ego, all voices from the past.

I dismissed them quite immediately so I could remedy the situation as quickly as possible. I had to stop, I had no choice. I had to take care of what was important (stop my thumb from bleeding). I had to wait (for the blood to stop). These are lessons we could all learn. When faced with a crisis of any size (remember no hierarchy here), we stop, ignore the ego’s voice, ask for assistance from Holy Spirit (could be an angel in the form of your daughter or anyone), be patient and wait until the situation passes and peace has come.

In the simple act of cutting my thumb, and thank goodness no Urgent Care visit, I can remember what I need to do all the time in any event, seeming small or large. When we consistently practice this with specific situations, we can then learn that we can apply it in all situations. My thumb is okay and so is my mind as peaceful outcome was the focus.



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