The situation AND the problem is in the same place. I/we need faith to realize this. I can think there are a multitude of problems to be solved, personally, professionally, and otherwise. Yet, the answer is always there. It may seem hidden, but it is there. It takes a little bit of faith as a mustard seed to see so. I/we are blind to see the answer that is staring us in the face.

He tells us: There is no problem in any situation that faith will not solve.  There is no shift in any aspect of the problem but will make solution impossible. 

“What is the problem?” but my belief that there could be a problem. You see, that is where it begins with my own thoughts and beliefs. I am never lacking. I am not missing the answer or solution. I am refusing to accept there is a solution. Instead I could merrily go my way in ignorance. Does that assist me? No.

I must look at all my relationships and see the holy purpose. In seeing the purpose, therein lies the answer. Whatever the relationship may be, with someone here in the world, or the relationship I hold with God, if I see a disconnect, or something awry, I need to right my mind and orient it to the truth. Voila! Problem is solved.

The Light is there to shine the answer to us. Let’s stop looking away and back to the darkness. Let’s do this together!


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