While we are here, we try to form the world into what we want it to be instead of what it is. Nothing. Nothing at all. Some ACIM students try to do the same with the Course. Not realizing fully what they are doing, students desire the Course to speak to what they WANT it to say, instead of what it DOES say. All the past learning, past picks from the spiritual buffet all are thrust upon our Course. Then thrown in is the latest “hot” book or workshop guru that may use a few ideas from the Course but twisted to say ego is a-okay. Your ego is probably fighting this already as you read further. You see, we enthusiastically bring in all of our other beliefs, modalities, philosophies and more. In this, we are actually hiding from the truth. Now certainly, we can appreciate all paths, but we have to be careful we are not manipulating the Course’s message. I have witnessed this time and time again over the last 25 years.

This is why here at MiraclesOne we only teach and study A Course in Miracles. It may seem single-minded, and well it is. And yes, there are other similar types of philosophies and books, but the Course stands on its own. Allow it to be what it is. Learn it, and you will find it is all you need. No amount of other word-symbols in yet another book are going to explain it further to you. You must take the time to STUDY and APPLY and EXPERIENCE it to see it not only works, but the words are Truth. If you want to learn a skill, and learn it well, you study it, you practice it and you apply it. Take a foreign language, or gourmet cooking or jewelry-making or any other defined skill, it needs these three components.

If you wonder often as to why your life is not happy and why you do not experience the peace that some others seem to experience, maybe take a look at all you are trying to cram into the Course. The Course is perfect. It’s clean and it is simple. Yes, hear me out, it is simple.

So, back to our reading here. What we see around us is the substitute reality. We accept what is in front of us as real and true, yet it is not so. As Rev. Paul has been preparing for his talk on the movie, “The Matrix” this Sunday, we have been watching the movie again, and carefully. Just as in the movie, the world we see has been pulled over our eyes to hide the real world, Heaven. We think it to be real and we think everything here is real. Obviously, on one level, we really do. This is not to say don’t eat, drink or wear clothes! I’ve heard about a Course student who did just that and got arrested! There needs to be the realization we are still operating in this world, and so we play by its rules, ever the while knowing, it is untrue.

The answer is to accept no substitutes. Wasn’t there a commercial with that idea years ago? We cannot substitute God, but we can sure try as hard as we like. We cannot substitute for the truth of our brother either. So here now, stop, and take a breath. God has called us to be the truth of Who we are. Not this personality, not our flaws, nor anything of the body and its brain. He calls us to return to Heaven and to stop playing small. He calls us into the Light of Peace and asks us to guide our brothers there.

Now this may seem all well and nice, but what about living here in the world day to day because let’s face it, it seems to be our reality. Can you remember peace in every moment you can? Can you offer forgiveness as you watch the political scene? Can you step back and let the Holy Spirit lead you instead of your ego? Can you accept the truth and still walk the world to demonstrate to others there is another way of looking at the world?

I know you can.


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