The Happy Dream. I hear students speak of this quite frequently, as they strongly desire to live the happy dream. What if you were already living it, but just have forgotten? What if you retracted your judgments entirely so you can see how happy you truly are?

Some of your greatest advances you have judged as failures, and some of your deepest retreats you have evaluated as success.

It is my interpretation that is the issue at hand. And what part of the mind is doing the interpreting? I believe I have advanced when in fact it was not as I believed. This then comes to the “I don’t know” mind. When I can be in the “I don’t know” mind, I experience peace. “I don’t know” is withdrawing judgment and interpretation. “I don’t know” releases emotional attachments. In doing so, then yes, I am living the happy dream.

As I said, how do I know I’m not living the happy dream, if I surround myself with defenses, attack, judgment, reactionary responses, false interpretations and more. I cannot be happy if I choose the ego as my guide. The ego is not a fit guide for me, or you, or anyone.

Happy dreams come true, not because they are dreams, but only because they are happy.  And so they must be loving. Their message is, “Thy Will be done,” and not, “I want it otherwise.”

When I can live the truth of this statement by releasing my tight, iron fist grip of “I want, I want, I want!” then happiness is mine. I stop the games I play to manifest what I want and accept what is, the happiness of God. By doing so, my life is experienced different. Yes, it is happy. I thought of this when I stopped working so hard to make this ministry “work”. That is, the attempt to be “popular” (whatever that is) and receiving accolades and praise for the work we do. Now, this was all subtle in my mind and Holy Spirit had to show me this some time ago. It was so subtle in fact, that I, after all these years of practicing ACIM, did not realize it.

However, when I surrendered into following Holy Spirit’s plan for myself and the ministry, happiness became profound. I don’t have to DO anything. Certainly, I still promote our work, but now I do it differently. The thought behind it is different. Now I place all that we offer out there and freely and those who wish to partake will do so. I can’t describe the subtlety in my mind with the change, but it was a mere thought that changed. I’m still doing everything I did before but now being led even more so by the Holy Spirit. Those who come to our classes, do so. Small or large class, it does not matter. My love for this Course includes working with those who truly want to live this Course too. That is the prayer of my heart. When I set this desire then, I receive it and I have abundantly. For that, I am grateful.

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