Yes, you can be happy during this election. You can be happy when everything has fallen apart in your life. You can be happy in the midst of every darkness that seems to surround you.

Let’s even equate happiness with peace, does that help you to start to see this differently yet?

I understand that life can be hard, difficult and challenging as well as heart-wrenching. I’ve been there many times in my past with the tragedies that have occurred. What pulled me out was my dedication to the study and practice of ACIM. It is what saved me so to speak. Not so much the reading and I emphasize this, it is the practice of its principles and concepts into my daily life. That is what made the difference and that is what led me to a happier and more peaceful life.

Yesterday (10-23-16), I spoke on “The Happy Habit”. The habit of happiness is up to you. Happiness is a choice. It is God’s Will for us. He desires our happiness, yet we seemingly throw it away by listening to the teacher of fear, the ego. In my talk yesterday, I built on what Rev. Paul shared on 10-16-16 on the “Rules for Decision.” If you remember those in the Text, Chapter 30, you will find your way to happiness and peace. It’s main rule is “Today I will make no decisions by myself.” You see, when we make decisions, and these are the decisions for fear or peace, we choose the teacher we will learn from. When we choose the Holy Spirit as our Teacher, happiness and peace abounds.

Now reading this may seem easy enough, however, as we found in our Sharing Circle after my talk yesterday, not so easy to do, with this presidential election around the corner. I shared with the group, that I too, had been triggered by a particular candidate’s actions and stance. I felt it more deeply with experiences I had over the years of sexual abuse and assault. I came to a point where I was shaking and in tears. I sat quietly and joined with the Holy Spirit. I thought I had dealt with my “history”, but it was obvious that there was more to offer to Him. I didn’t excavate into the experience for that is not essential for the miracle. I asked simply the Holy Spirit to look at what had arisen for me and for His Guidance in what to do. What appeared in my mind was I could go talk to a therapist, someone objective, in dealing with the pain that arose.

The factor here in this experience? I was open and willing to see this from a new perspective and to use whatever means the Holy Spirit offered to me in bringing my mind back to peace. What I found was at first, I had no resistance to receiving outside assistance. The next day which happened to be the third debate, my mind was calm and at peace. I found I was not guided to seek that help afterall. What I am finding (and who knows if this would change) is the only course of action was to say “Yes” to the Holy Spirit. “Holy Spirit, I am open and willing to whatever You guide me to do.” So far it seems, this was enough. Certainly, if I am guided again to open up the doors to therapy, I will do so and have over the years.

Holy Spirit works with us in the world if we allow Him to do so. There are other ways He assists us with embracing happiness and peace in our lives. It could be an article you read online, such as I did and what I presented in “The Happy Habit.” We never know where we are led to include more happiness and peace in our lives. He is teaching us always that it is our choice for happiness. We need a thought correction is all.

If you are wound up with the election, step away, unplug for awhile, do something to enrich yourself. Plug into the Holy Spirit. As much control as we want to have in our lives or around this election, we just don’t have that type of power. Our power within is of the decision we can afford ourselves.

Believe it or not, that candidate you despise is your spiritual teacher. We like to call them Forgiveness Opportunities. We need that person and their supporters in Heaven. They are not separate from us, as much as we would like to think. We can disagree with their point of view, however, we cannot dismiss them from the Sonship. As one of our members yesterday stated, we can bless each one. Whether it is the election, or the bad driver in front of you, or someone else you think about, instead of cursing, choose blessing. Remember, Jesus tells us “The Son of God is always blessed as one.” And too, in Lesson 105 – God’s peace and joy are mine:

…if a brother seems to tempt you to deny God’s gift to him, see it as but another chance to let yourself receive the gifts of God as yours. Then bless your brother thankfully, and say:

My brother, peace and joy I offer you, That I may have God’s peace and joy as mine.

One last thought I offer you and it is this, we cannot control the outcome to situations in our lives no matter how hard we try to manipulate the world. What we are called to do is place the outcome (the future) in the Hands of God. We do not know the big picture, Holy Spirit does. Releasing our attachment to the outcome will bring us the peace and happiness we seek. Be sure to read through Lesson 194 – I place the future in the Hands of God.

On Sunday, November 6th, we will offer a special Healing Circle with an Election Meditation. Perhaps you will feel called to join us for this livestreaming event (or in person at our Madison Center). We will offer afterwards our Sharing Circle as always. More information on Sundays can be found here at this link. 

For the article I referred to during my talk on “The Happy Habit” see this link.

Many blessings of peace and happiness to you!

Rev. Deb


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