My Dear Friends,

Early this morning we found we have a new President-Elect in Donald Trump. You may have chosen to vote for him or to vote for Hillary Clinton. If the latter is true and you are awash with grief and emotions this morning, let me say to you to first and foremost, honor your feelings. Let yourself be with those feelings for as long as you need to do so. All the while remembering the Holy Spirit can visit these feelings with us. Let Him hold your hand and minister to you. Then, as you are ready, be willing to see in a new light.

I believe it is no accident that today’s lesson is Lesson 313 – Now let a new perception come to me.

I wrote the following years ago in our Journey Through the Workbook for Students: Divine Messages on this same Lesson:

When I am ready to let go of all that I have placed my faith in, I will sit in contemplation with the Holy Spirit. As I release each thought of fear to Him, peace floods into my awareness. I have given Him the chains that have bound me. He returns ever so gently with His Love. Indeed in this very instant of release, “Now let a new perception come to me.” I am ready to see myself and my brothers with the Vision of Christ. I am radiant in this knowing that I can now see a forgiven world, for it is through my willingness to let go of old perceptions that the miracles are experienced. Forgiveness once again, is the focal point for it is the key to my happiness. Through forgiveness I can see the truth and return to the richness of a life in God. It is important for me to remember today that forgiveness works as I am ready to work with Holy Spirit with my thoughts. I affirm that today, I will offer all thoughts to the Holy Spirit for His true perception and that I will accept His peace gladly.

In this lesson we offer our prayer of the heart to God by recognizing there is a vision that sees all as pure. As we do the terrific fear leaves us and love is its replacement. Love is only present. Here, we see world forgiven and the Eyes of Christ are used to allow a new perception, a true perception, be in our mind.

Tall order with what you are feeling? I know it is. I was disappointed myself by the outcome but as I communed with the Holy Spirit for hours overnight it seemed, I knew in my heart that union is what solves the problem of separation thinking.

As we allow the Holy Spirit to help us to envision the world with forgiveness, love and peace, we will see how beautiful we all are. We will experience our interconnection. We will affirm how holy we were created. We save the world when we have joined. For in our vision it becomes as holy as the light in us.


May we all be blessed in peace.

Rev. Deb


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