…you have made a commitment to healing your mind. You may feel excited, perhaps a little nervous. You want to “get it” FINALLY this time. And, you will. Be patitent and love yourself through it. Cherish this process just as you would anything else in your life.

Do you remember how some high school use raw eggs to teach their students to care for a baby? They carry these raw eggs around and have to nurture them. This teaches the students to be present, to go slow and to deeply care and show love. You can look at yourself and your mind similarly. Not that your mind is as fragile as an egg but sometimes your will is. You rush off into your day without slowing down. You are quick to judge and to anger. You know now all of this you want to change and as soon as possible. That’s why you picked up A Course in Miracles again or now for the first time. This shift in your life does not happen overnight.

Remember this is a process. Yes, miracles happen. Do not feel defeated when you start to make mistakes. Keep plugging along, reminding yourself of the truth whether it is an affirmation or a Workbook Lesson or simply, “I am as God created me.”

You see the ego has its designs on you to fail. It will say and do whatever it can to bring you into the blackness of hell. It wants to cut you down to size. That is why you need to be vigilant for the thoughts that arise in your mind. So you missed a Workbook Lesson, or you forgot to invite the Holy Spirit into your day, or you held a grievance against a loved one or the incoming President. This is the time to restrain judgment from yourself and and ask for Assistance from the One Who will bestow Peace upon you. He wants to help you to achieve your goal of peace. He does not fail, nor will you.

You have muddled through by yourself for far too long. What has it brought you? What is the payoff? More pain? Is that the way your life should be led?

Now be careful not to feel the stab of guilt the ego keeps hidden for you, brandishing its blade at the perfect opportune moment. Do not fall into the guilt trap. These are the moments to ask for Holy Spirit’s Help. No long prayer is needed. A simple, “Help me,” will suffice.

Be calm and stay the Course. Trust in Jesus’ words that you are reading and know you can get beyond. You’ve got this. He has your back. You can do this.

I will tell you there are still times I judge, I feel irritated, I feel alone, I feel fed up or sad, or feel incompetent. The difference now after several decades of ACIM is I stop as soon as these thoughts rise to my mind. I can sense these within my being and my body. You too notice this, right? The pounding of the chest, the tears about to fall, the clenching of the jaw. You know the drill. Your body can signal to you when you are not at peace.

Take the clues given and in your mind remember your goal of peace. If you have the time, sit quietly somewhere and catch your breath. Take a few deep breaths, repeat a Workbook Lesson or simply follow your breath until the tension eases a bit. In this you are opening to a miracle. You have chosen a different path than you have chosen before. You have chosen the shift in perception from the disturbance to the peace – or the fear to the love.

Sometimes you have to repeatedly ask for this shift. It’s all part of the process, and life here in this world. No one does this perfectly because the ego is still within us all. It is how many times to I choose the Holy Spirit’s calm over the ego’s frenzy? Situations will still occur in your life and in this world. You cannot change the situations but you can change your mind and how you think about it, how you react and the next steps to peace. It’s our choice. It is always our choice.

What will be your choice?

It’s helpful to have others of like-mind to bounce these ideas around. In our groups and classes we get to the bottom of it by sharing as we do. That’s the meat of what we do here at MiraclesOne. Nothing flashy, no smoke and mirrors, no gurus, nothing but getting to the bottom line– Do I want peace or not?

By sharing with others we reinforce what we do want vs. what we do not.

Rev. Deb


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