My gifts are gifts of Love and Love always heals. Love always blesses the perceiver and the receiver whether they realize it or not. The ego’s gifts always separate. Their means, their goal is to crucify your holiness. You give them the power to do this at an unconscious level. As you turn to the Holy Spirit for help with each of the temptations that the ego offers you in the world the Holy Spirit will help you to make the right choice to choose the correct path, the path of peace. Remembering to ask Him for help with everything, any decision you need to make is the trick, the key to success. Is it so hard to remember to ask Him to give you the keys to Heaven? He gives them freely, He wants you to be happy, and He wants you to discover your path of highest joy and aliveness. Would you accept these gifts of Him and join with Me as a savior of the world? Your holiness blesses everything in the world. To read this is one thing, but to experience it is another. This is the gift that God has given to you. When will you be ready to accept it again? I love you My Son.


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