The memory of God comes to the quiet mind. It cannot come where there is conflict, for a mind at war against itself remembers not eternal gentleness. T.23.I.1:1,2

Lovely quote, right? But how often does it happen we have a quiet mind?

As you answer that question, and I know your answer already, let’s take a look this time in our series of what to do about that non-quiet or monkey mind of yours.

Let’s look at it this way. The ego lives to chatter. It wants to hear its own voice. You probably have interacted with someone like that in your life. This persistent chatter is actually resistance and I spoke of overcoming resistance in my last post. The chatter thus becomes not only an act of resistance but also distraction. The ego insists that what you are experiencing is real and keeps focus on thoughts of the past, anxiety about the future, what’s happening in the world, and anything about the body. This keeps the memory of God at arm’s length.

You see, we give the ego its power by listening to it. As one who has practiced mindfulness meditation (and various other meditation techniques) for years, the key is to not listen to it. You can observe what is being said without attaching to what is being said. Because of this, you remain at peace.

As we practice ACIM, and particularly the Workbook Lessons, remember to be gentle and loving with yourself. As I shared earlier in this series on the Workbook Lessons, there is no need for criticism with how you practice. Listen to your Inner Teacher and do not compare yourself to other students. If you join with other students, be there to join and not to compare and contrast and never to debate, analyze or argue the Course. It is best to have a dialogue that includes your personal experiences, just as we do here at MiraclesOne.

When faced with this “quiet mind” we can become fearful of the quiet. We can acknowledge our fear. I also wrote and spoke in a podcast recently how actually afraid we are of this stillness. We are told in the Rules for Decision not to fight ourselves if we find resistance or our dedication has waned. We can train our minds and that is what ACIM is all about, the mind-training, particularly of the Lessons.

God is there in our mind. We need to recall that goal as we practice. Yes, the ego will throw obstacles in the path. Yes, there will be times of resistance. And, yes, there will be times you will have a quiet mind. It is all in the practice.

Our next class starting on May 25th will address the quieting of the mind by use of the Workbook Lessons. The class is “Meditation and A Course in Miracles.” You have two options in this class. You can attend at the scheduled time or watch the class teaching video and access the other materials presented on your own time. I encourage you to join us in this class if you need more support in this area.

Here is the link to the class – “Meditation and A Course in Miracles” Class.

Peace and Quiet to You,

Rev. Deb


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