Last evening 22 students began our 6-week study of “Meditation and ACIM.”   Twenty-two students in this Living ACIM class is impressive. Why? It is an indication of how many are desperately seeking the quiet and still mind.  Are you seeking that too?

The call to quiet within has nudged these students to do so. Not all of our students are attending the live conference session, but some are doing so via the recorded class video and the email class group. Last weekend, I presented the similar subject matter for our retreat and some of our retreatants are enrolled in the class to continue to enhance and support what they learned in a weekend’s time.

What most A Course in Miracles students do not realize is that meditation takes a central focus in the Workbook for Students so in this class we will be taking a deeper look at how these work together.

As we started the class, I had the students identify their intentions, just as in the “Setting the Goal” section in the Text states: What is this class for? What do I want to come of it?

Some of their intentions were:

  • Clarity and a stillness of mind
  • Deeper commitment to calmness
  • Deepen daily meditation and Workbook Lesson practice
  • Patience and understanding
  • Deeper awareness of Spirit
  • Freedom from inner fear
  • Strength the spiritual journey
  • Learn to focus better on the Workbook Lessons
  • Healing the mind
  • Continue to develop the practice of going to the place of peace
  • How ACIM can help the awakening process

After we set our intentions, we took an honest look at our current practice with both meditation and the Workbook Lessons. Some already do meditate and some do not. Some struggle with finding the time to practice. Some enjoy walking meditations and some want to know what to do about distracting thoughts. Some students find resistance a huge obstacle. Some appreciate calling into our Daily Workbook Lesson Practice which helps them focus on the lesson for at 15 minutes on a given day. Several students see their Lesson/Meditation/Prayer time as their daily “bread” and sustenance. Some too, find it is easy to get lax and skip practices or fall asleep while they do so.

As you can see there is a myriad of experiences from our students in how they see their Lesson and meditation practice. All wanted to be in this class to assist them in furthering the goal of a quiet and peaceful mind. These will be topics we will be covering as the weeks go by.

I shared with the class our ultimate goal is to make our lives a living meditation. That is, being present continually and consistently. Just as I title these Thursday classes, “Living A Course in Miracles,” for the last 9 years, it is the same. It is about integrating what we learn in ACIM into our everyday lives. I encourage sharing of personal experiences in the class and in the email group. That is how we learn. We learn from the dialogue with one another. In fact, I learn from the students, and that is how it should be; a glorious give and take. Already we are seeing breakthroughs and a-ha’s after one class session in the email group as students checked in. I know as the weeks go by we will experience more growth from everyone. The unfolding is miraculous and will continue.

Why not join the journey into quiet? If you are interested in joining this class, you have until June 1st to do so. After that date, the class is closed to new students. You can find the registration and class information here at this link:

I am a 25+ year Teacher and Student of ACIM and a 38-year meditation practitioner with two Meditation Instructor certifications.

Rev. Deb


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