Take a moment to recall a job you have held, or a career, or even a favorite hobby. On the outset, you didn’t know what to do in your field until you took the time to study be it training materials, manuals or other types of training, then after some time, you engaged in the job or hobby. This would entail making mistakes, learning from those mistakes, and then gaining wisdom afterward so you could do a more efficient job. You see, through daily practice you learned your job and you performed it well.

This is the same with your study and application of A Course in Miracles. One cannot learn this Course overnight. We may agree with the ideas, we may belong to another spirituality group that is similar to the ideas, however, we don’t learn ACIM until we fully “enroll,” that is until we embrace the Course. Just as in college when students can audit a class without credit, we too are only auditing ACIM until we get in there and get our hands dirty so to speak. Until then, we haven’t taken its principles seriously (Although, I do know some of you have my friends). How can we learn a skill or task until we take the time to do so?

Sometimes I meet people and they say nonchalantly, “A Course in Miracles, yeah, I took that course (or I read the book).” I smile to myself knowing that ACIM is a lifelong, daily process. Not a book you read or a class you take once. It is a lifetime experience, one that breathes life into your being.

That was my impetus for having developed the Living ACIM classes held on Thursdays. It was an effort “to go where no student has gone before.” I jest with this Star Trek reference but really and truly my goal was to further students in their study and application. Granted right now, we are in a special series of classes for Thursdays for the rest of the summer meant to enhance our study. Yet my hope is for you to consider kicking your study and practice up a notch this fall when we begin with these Living ACIM classes again.

And so my final message to you is “Engage” and “Make it so.” You will be so glad you did!

Rev. Deb




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