Our next topic in our Enhancing Your ACIM Practice  Class Series for this Thursday, July 27th, will be “Listening to the Holy Spirit’s Voice and not the Ego’s.” Another terrific topic and probably the most requested topic suggested by you, our students! Thank you for the suggestion. An important one at that in our A Course in Miracles practice!

In this week’s class, Rev. Paul facilitates our learning in how to listen and communicate with the Holy Spirit so we may receive His Messages.

You’ll have the opportunity to share with like-mind students who you will soon find are your mighty companions on this journey.

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This Fall join us for our  6-week REBOOT class of “God Talks to Me? Yes!”





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  • 8/3 – Trust
  • 8/10 – Giving and Receiving Love
  • 8/ 17 – Forgiveness
  • 8/24 – Being Normal


If you missed our first week’s teaching on “Study vs. Application”

  • Why Study A Course in Miracles?
  • How to Read and Study A Course in Miracles?
  • The Importance of Practical Application of A Course in Miracles


Our second week’s teaching was “Setting Up a Daily Practice”

  • What ACIM Says About Daily Practice?
  • Formal and Informal Practice
  • 8 Tips to Assist You in Your Daily Practice
  • Assessing Your Current Daily Practice
  • Creating a Commitment to Your Practice


Our third week’s teaching was “Staying Grounded in Truth”

  • Difficult Situations Where You Lose Peace, We’ve All Done It!
  • Reflect on a Recent Experience – Take Responsibility, Think What Can I Do Differently?
  • Ego Loves the Old Beaten Path
  • I Forgot My Goal. What is My Goal?
  • Decisions
  • 8 Things You Must Give Up to Find Peace
  • Reflection and Journaling Process
  • Making a Commitment

I hope you will join us!


Rev. Deb


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