The truth is true. Nothing else matters, nothing else is real, and everything beside it is not there. T-14.II.3:3-4

This month’s theme for our patrons/donors study is “Truth is True.” A Course in Miracles tells us truth just is. This month we will learn how to have all of our decisions guided by truth. We can choose the truth or not and reap either way what we sow. How do we choose truth above all? This month, I’ll share thoughts from ACIM, some exercises and perhaps a guided meditation or two, and other ideas  I have found helpful over these many years in my own Miracles journey. You are not alone and we are on this journey together as One.

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Let’s take Lesson 138 – Heaven is the decision I must make, as an appetizer. 

We are learning here that there is only one decision. It seems that surrounding us there are so many decisions to make. Just getting up in the morning and deciding what to eat or to wear and so on as our day unfolds shows us how many seeming choices that we possess. We have all of these choices but they are all choices outside of us. Some of which will make us happy and some not. Some we hope will bring us peace and some not. Always these choices stand outside of the truth of Who we are. There is only one thing we want, truth, and only one choice for it. And in truth, the idea of choice does not even exist. Truth just is. Everything else is illusory choices. We want the truth and only the truth and only the truth exists. This will be our focus for this month.

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