Once again we are faced with an event that seemingly rips at our heart and disturbs our mind. Yet, we can recall the words of Nelson Mandela:

People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love. For love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite. – Nelson Mandela

What can we do as ACIM students?

We can bring the Light. We can be a practitioner of peace. When we can become present to the moment at hand, tune in to how we feel and have the willingness to allow peace in, we will know where we are led.

So, join now with the Holy Spirit or Jesus. Close your eyes. Take three deep breaths. Now share your fears, concerns, judgments, and desires. Be honest and true to where you are in the moment. Be willing to choose peace.  Pause. Take three more breaths, slowly.

Today, we will remember the words of Lesson 108 “To give and to receive are one in truth” and use this as our meditation today.

In this lesson, we practice giving that what we would desire to receive. It is similar to the Buddhist practice of lovingkindness.

You begin by saying to yourself:

To give and to receive are one in truth.
I will receive what I am giving now.

Then close your eyes, and for five minutes think of what you would hold out to everyone, to have it yours. You might, for instance, say:
To everyone I offer quietness.
To everyone I offer peace of mind.
To everyone I offer gentleness.

(and so forth…continue adding your own)

Say each one slowly and then pause a while, expecting to receive the gift you gave. And it will come to you in the amount in which you gave it. You will find you have exact return, for that is what you asked. It might be helpful, too, to think of one to whom to give your gifts.He represents the others, and through him you give to all.

Remember my friends, you do not have to force a special feeling as the power of the practice is being completely present to each offering. In this, we are opening ourselves to the possibility of including rather than excluding, of connecting, rather than overlooking, of caring, rather than being indifferent or overcome by fear.

When you feel ready to end the meditation, open your eyes and sit quietly for a few moments. Carry this extension of love throughout the day.

You will be guided. Trust that you will.

Rev. Deb



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