Enhancing Your ACIM Practice Series 1 – A Self-Study Class

8 Topics 

  1. Why Study ACIM? Study vs. Application 
  2. Setting Up a Daily Practice  
  3. Staying Grounded in Truth 
  4. Listening to the Holy Spirit’s Voice and not the Ego’s 
  5. Trust 
  6. Giving and Receiving Love 
  7. Forgiveness 
  8. Being Normal 

Teaching #1
“Study vs. Application”

  • Why Study A Course in Miracles?
  • How to Read and Study A Course in Miracles?
  • The Importance of Practical Application of A Course in Miracles

Teaching #2
“Setting Up a Daily Practice”

  • What ACIM Says About Daily Practice?
  • Formal and Informal Practice
  • 8 Tips to Assist You in Your Daily Practice
  • Assessing Your Current Daily Practice
  • Creating a Commitment to Your Practice

Teaching #3
“Staying Grounded in Truth”

  • Difficult Situations Where You Lose Peace, We’ve All Done It!
  • Reflect on a Recent Experience – Take Responsibility, Think What Can I Do Differently?
  • Ego Loves the Old Beaten Path
  • I Forgot My Goal. What is My Goal?
  • Decisions
  • 8 Things You Must Give Up to Find Peace
  • Reflection and Journaling Process
  • Making a Commitment

Teaching #4
“Listening to the Holy Spirit”

  • Bill Thetford’s, co-scribe of ACIM, Miracle Story
  • There is a Voice to Be Heard
  • It Takes Great Effort and Willingness to Hear
  • The Voice is Direct Communication with God
  • Discernment
  • Practice Listening for the Voice
  • Reflection and Journaling Process
  • Making a Commitment

Teaching #5

  • Trusting God
  • Follow that dog!
  • God is the Strength
  • I am Entrusted By God
  • I Can Trust My Brothers
  • The Result of Trust
  • Reflection and Journaling Process
  • Making a Commitment

Teaching #6
“Giving and Receiving Love”

  • Bring Light to Other Minds
  • Release Past Ideas of Giving/Receiving
  • Giving Heals
  • Extend Love and Gentleness
  • Remember Forgiveness, Prayer, and Willingness
  • Applying Concept to Daily Life
  • Send Self What is Sent to Others
  • Reflection and Journaling Process

Teaching #7

  • What is Forgiveness?
  • The Unforgiving Mind
  • Forgiveness is our Key to Happiness
  • The Practice
  • Blocks to Awareness of Love
  • Reflection and Journaling
  • Make a Commitment to Forgiveness

Teaching #8
“Being Normal”

  • LIving Normally
  • Ken Wapnick’s Take on Being Normal
  • Level 1 and Level 2 and Our Confusion
  • Our World and Our Bodies is a Classroom
  • Don’t Deny Your Experience in the World
  • It’s Okay to Use Magic!
  • Share Always  Your Perception with the Holy Spirit
  • Reflection Process and Meditation


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