My friends,

We, like you, are saddened by the events that occurred in Charlottesville and what is still occurring in our country at this time. Yet, we must remember not to choose anger as our path to realizing justice and equality for all. It is not the way Jesus intended for us to take. Love and peace are the only way. We must recall Jesus’ words, what we see is “an outward picture of an inward condition.” We cannot condemn others if we have a secret place within our minds where we too hold hatred and anger.

Jesus reaches out to us in a supplement to A Course in Miracles, The Song of Prayer and says, “Come unto Me, My children, once again, without such twisted thoughts upon your hearts.” This we must do. Stop now and do this. Peace can only be found within. It is not found without. We must become peaceful in our own minds before we can act in the world. Otherwise, we are acting from the ego and continuing its hateful tirade. We would be no different than those who are currently spreading their dark message.

Jesus continues, “You still are holy with the Holiness which fathered you in perfect sinlessness, and still surrounds you with the Arms of peace. Dream now of healing. Then arise and lay all dreaming down forever. You are he your Father loves, who never left his home, nor wandered in a savage world with feet that bleed, and with a heavy heart made hard against the love that is the truth in you. Give all your dreams to Christ and let Him be your Guide to healing, leading you in prayer beyond the sorry reaches of the world.” 

In Lesson 189 – I feel the Love of God within me now, he states “If hatred finds a place within your heart, you will perceive a fearful world, held cruelly in death’s sharp-pointed, bony fingers. If you feel the Love of God within you, you will look out on a world of mercy and of love.”

It is time for you to choose. You can effect change but you must do it from a place of calm and peace within your heart and mind. What goal are you setting? What is your intention? What is it for? Remember this as you move forward. Right now in this climate of separation, we need the miracle workers and peacemakers to come to sanity. We cannot make decisions if we are not embracing the Peace of God. Do not do anything until you do as such. Otherwise, you fall prey to the ego and continue its destructive message all in the name of equality and justice. We can work for these from a calm place.

For now, stop posting to social media, stop shouting rallying calls, and start reflecting on what you can do internally first. Stop, be with Him Who can assist you in your thoughts of upset and hurt. Choose to let Him come to your mind. Pause. Let forgiveness, let the miracle, and let the healing begin in your own mind. Then, you can follow the guidance as to what you are to do in form here in the world, whether it be organizing a protest or assisting others in some meaningful way. Now it will have meaning as you will have come to a place of serenity while you do it.

Even Yoda warned us, “Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”

Jesus does not wish us to suffer. He has bestowed upon us an alternative. Let us embrace the alternative. Be still, lay aside all thoughts. Open your mind to the Divine. Ask and receive.

Yesterday we recorded our bi-weekly podcast. I was going to release it on Friday but I thought it imperative that I released it immediately. When Rev. Gayle, Mari and I recorded, it was before the President’s press conference. All that we shared still holds true. Our topic was “Choosing Peace.” Peace is a choice we can make in every moment. We have to look at how much do I desire that peace. How much do you want peace in your life? In your world? Mean the words “I want the peace of God,” and move beyond the insignificant verbalizations. If you want peace, demonstrate by all of your actions as well as your words. Every action you take, including on social media, teaches what you want to learn. What is it you want to learn?

Do not follow the path of anger as it leads nowhere. The path of peace is there before you sparkling in the Light of God. Choose it and you choose for everyone.

In Peace,

Revs. Deb and Paul


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