I’m happy to share with you a post by one of our students, Ryan Westbrook-Vigue

A few weeks of ago I received a diagnosis of the world… it was stage two colon cancer, but a few of the following Workbook Lessons have not only reminded me of the Truth of who I Truly am and the ability to be able to sit in silence and hear the voice of The Holy Spirit.

Allow me to share my enlightenment and my most sincere prayer is that it too will be an aide to help you remember the Truth of who you are as well. The following is what The Holy Spirit has led me to remember from each Daily Workbook Lesson.

I am reminded in the Workbook for Students Lesson number 188 that the peace of God is always shining in me.  The peace of God can never be contained. In order to recognize the light within myself, it requires that I must give the light and the means of giving it are in his understanding. The peace of God is always shining in me and in all living things. If I allow myself to sit quietly and close my eyes I will always find that the light within me is sufficient for it alone withholds the power to give me the gift of True sight. Allowing myself to exclude the outer world, it will always allow my thoughts to fly to that beautiful place of peace within me. The thoughts will always allow me to think of Him and remember my True Home which leads me to my Source, Where God the Father and the Son are one. God’s peace is always shining within me. I remember that I am able to take my wandering thoughts and I can gently return my thoughts to where my thoughts are shared with God. “The peace of God is shining in me now. Let all things shine upon me in that peace, and let me bless my brothers and sisters with the light in me.”

As I sit during my prayer, centering, and meditation time, I journey past the false illusions of this world I will seek to quiet my mind, so that I may hear my Inner teacher and listen to that quiet still voice within me allowing me to hear how to get past all illusions, as I work to seek and reach the truth that has always been within. I do not have to choose the way the path of how to come to Him, but I always choose to let Him come to me, my choice of coming to Him always brings me to a place of rest.

I have learned from The Workbook for Students lesson 190 that the belief of the pain, as I am experiencing is a wrong perspective. When I experience pain in any form, be it from the my diagnosis or my own split mind, it is the proof of my self-deception; it is not a fact at all as I am experiencing it in the world, for I am not a body I am free for I am as God created me. Whenever this thought is not remembered all I need to do is quiet myself and allow my Inner-teacher to remind me that I am not of this world and it is not my true home. There is no form of pain that can linger within my mind if I allow myself to see it correctly. When I feel pain is solely due to my thoughts. There is nothing in my mind that can hurt or injure me in any way. Though the world may seem to cause me pain this is just another example of a false belief I may have of the world because the world has no power to make any cause and it cannot make effects. When I give the thought of any pain in any area of my mind it is simply the thought of evil taking form and causing havoc on my holy mind. When I come to truly believe the joy of God belongs to me, I cannot help but understand there is no pain. It is my choice to make to believe in illusions or the truth, pain or joy, or hell and Heaven. I am free to choose my thoughts and be free to choose joy instead of pain and I offer gratitude to our Teacher and allow these feelings to fill my heart.

From The Workbook from Students Lesson 193 is that these are all lessons that God would have me learn. It is His will that reflects them all which reflects His loving kindness to the Son he loves. Each lesson that God would have me learn has the same central thought. The words of the Holy Spirit speaks to me while I find myself in tribulations, regardless of its form either in pain or suffering. The Holy Spirit offers me these words to allow temptation to end, where guilt is abandoned is allowed to be revered no longer. I will learn to say these words when I believe the thought of death is real rather than the choice of life. I have learned to say these words and when I I have understood the power to choose the power to release my mind from the bondage of false-beliefs. All things are lessons that God would have me learn for he would not allow me to suffer. There may be times that I forget who I truly am and God returns my thought to the Truth and He would not allow me to forget the love He has for me and all the love it brings with it. Would I fail to learn these very simple lessons from the Father sets before me that all pain would disappear and God would be remembered by his Son. God would not allow any thorn or nail to hurt His holy Son in any way. All things are lessons that God would have me learn and He would not leave me with any unforgiving thought at all without correcting them. The lessons that God would have me learn; these lessons are to aid me in the road back to Him.

What I learned from The Workbook for Students lesson 194: Is that God holds my future in His hands, my past and my future. He holds my past, my future for they are all one to Him and so they should be one to me. I release the future and the past is gone. What is present is freed from all grief and misery. This will recall all my memory of Him.

What I have learned from The Workbook for Students lesson 199 is: The mind that serves the Holy Spirit is unlimited forever, in all ways and beyond the laws of time and space. This thought is essential for my progress in the Course and what I have learned I hold it very dear. I am to cherish this idea and practice it every day. The Holy Spirit makes his home of those who seek for freedom. In Him they have found what they have been searching for. I am to be free today and I am to carry this gift to all that still seek the Truth . I am God’s Son. Would I not return my mind to this simple thought that through immortality I will live forever and would I not return my mind to such a beautiful thought. Through this journey of the world that I am now traveling. If I practice the words that the Holy Spirit has given me to learn; God’s Son will weep no more, and Heaven offers thanks for the increase in joy my practice brings to me. As God’s love and the joy of my practice bring me to a place of peace and joy. God himself offers His words as he extends Himself and I am reminded each time to say His Love and happiness are extended to me.

“I am not a body, I am free. I hear the voice God has given me, and it is this my mind obeys.” ~ Workbook Lesson 199.

I will seek no further. You will not find the peace of God. There is nothing else for me to find except the peace of God, unless I seek misery and pain. I now choose to come Home, for I am a stranger in this world. I will always found my true happiness in my Father. I have not found my homes in any alien forms of this world and that it is not my real home even though I thought to make it meaningful. Peace is the bridge that everyone will cross, to leave this world behind. As we cross this bridge it leads us to a fresh perception and into Heaven and the way beyond. Let me not lose my way again. We go to Heaven and the path is made straight, for peace is the answer to conflicting goals to senseless journeys, frantic, vain pursuits, and meaningless endeavors. Now the journey across the bridge is sloping gently toward where freedom lies within the peace of God. Peace is mind today, for I have found a simple, happy way to leave this world of ambiguity. Peace is union if it be of God. I will seek no further; for now I am close to home and I draw nearer each time I speak this truth:

“There is no peace except the peace of God, And I am glad and thankful it is so.” ~ Workbook Lesson 200



Ryan Westbrook-Vigue

MiraclesOne Ministerial Student


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