We had a truly inspiring retreat this past weekend. I know I was speechless and deeply moved by the end of our closing session.

I appreciate the openness and authenticity that was expressed this weekend by our group of 10 participants. The smaller retreat gatherings allow us to go deeper into healing and share intimately versus a larger type gathering.

During the sessions, we explored what Jesus shares with us in regard to our truth, “Light and joy and peace abides in me.” Allison’s various processes and meditations enhanced what we were learning as we took pencil, chalk, or pastels to paper to explore our inner self, our thoughts, and how we emerge as the “butterfly” with the knowledge “I am as God created me.” Our silent reflection period gave us all a chance to simply be with the learning, whether we journaled, walked outdoors, prayerfully stepped the labyrinth, or meditated, it all strengthened our connection with the Divine. The music was meditative, uplifting and meaningful. Saturday night I presented a that resonated deep within to the vibration of Life.

We departed taking these affirmations of our Source and our miraculous connections with one another into our heart and out into the world. We will now be reminded as often to remember fully, “I am as God created me.”

I hope to use this material in an upcoming 6-week class in the near future. I had started in this post to write my own personal experience from the retreat, yet when I went to save it as a draft, my entire personal sharing portion disappeared with the rest intact. I thought about it for a few moments and realized I wasn’t supposed to share my personal experience at this time. I know I still have more reflection to explore.

I will say that after our 2nd process when we had a silent reflection period and after I had walked the labyrinth and entered the center, I sat in meditation for a good 15-20 minutes. I opened my eyes and there before me just outside the window was a butterfly. It was not a monarch, at least I do not believe so, but it had the same colorings as we have used for this retreat decoration and design. It brought me great peace and joy. The miracles are there to shift us from fear to love. I felt this shift profoundly.

I hope to share more as I continue to unpack in my mind the weekend. Please enjoy our sunrise from this retreat in the video below.

Rev. Deb


Sunrise at the Retreat




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