Joining together with others in the study of A Course in Miracles can assist with more understanding of the material, learning from others’ personal miracle stories, and the encouragement to dive deeper into personal practice. We have three weekly ACIM Study Groups that meet via video and phone conferencing on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. On Sundays in Madison, Wisconsin, we have an in-person study group. Each group has a slightly different focus but all maintain practical application of A Course in Miracles in our lives. Our study group facilitators are Gayle Bartlett, Mari Dole, Ryan Westbrook-Vigue, Darike Vigue, Tracey Frick, Tom Wolff, Rev. Paul Phelps, and myself, Rev. Deb Phelps. My thank to all!

Below you will find the summaries from our groups this week.

To join in our Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday ACIM Study Groups via video or phone conferencing, see the information at this link.

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Sunday ACIM Study Group in Madison

Opened with Lesson 306 – The gift of Christ is all I seek today.
Practical Application Topic: Compassion

Personal miracle stories and examples were shared in relation to compassion, both self-compassion, and compassion for others and how we can incorporate this more into our life.

We were guided to Chapter 31, V. Self-Concept versus Self. This section speaks of the face of innocence that we present to the world. It is a fascinating read as we learn about the shrouded vaults where we hold our brothers’ and our own sins. We keep the face of innocence to the world to hide. We feel that we have been treated unfairly and we only attack in self-defense.

In the end, we learn,
There is no statement that the world is more afraid to hear than this: 
I do not know the thing I am, and therefore do not know what I am doing, where I am, or how to look upon the world or on myself.
Yet in this learning is salvation born. And What you are will tell you of Itself.

What helps us with this, is honesty. When we can look at ourselves with honesty without condemnation, we can make the shift with the Holy Spirit. We learn to forgive ourselves and others.

We closed with a silent meditation and announcements of what’s upcoming.

This week’s video teaching is “Simple Compassion.”
Video Link:

Rev. Deb

Monday ACIM Study Group by Video/Phone Conferencing

Greetings, all!

A unanimous joy in starting the week in our ACIM study and sharing, rings out once again!

We began with a lovely meditation based on today’s Workbook Lesson:

(162) I am as God created me.

We always enjoy sharing our ways of working with the Lessons in general, and as this is the third presentation of this idea, we were each able to share the ways in which our understanding and our practical application have evolved.

We moved on to the Text reading for this week: Chapter 4 THE ILLUSIONS OF THE EGO, Section V. The Ego-Body Illusion, and were all quite eager to dive into this one.

We seemed to experience a good deal of synchronicity today in desiring to bring out many of the same points, while sharing our own unique experience.

We each had examples of how “all things work together for good”, and marveled at how Spirit moves through multiple people or groups of people and events, as this good unfolds.

How full of examples we were as to Jesus’ words that “Preoccupations with problems set up to be incapable of solution are favorite ego devices for impeding learning progress.”

More important was our sharing of the truth – the truth we truly do know,

that we can choose not to traffic in these “problems” of the ego.

Jesus tells us that we must learn to ask the question: “what for?”, what is the purpose?  He explains that purposeful decision directs our efforts automatically!

What happens then?  “All things work together for good”!

Join us next Monday morning, where all things work together for good in our Study Group at 9:00 CT/10:00 ET!  You will find a warm welcome with us!

With love,


Tuesday ACIM Study Group by Video/Phone Conferencing

Tuesday Night Drop-In Study Group is a unique format because we rotate our exploration, using the Text, the Workbook Lessons and the Manual for Teachers.  Everyone seems enthusiastic with this broad spectrum of study experience!

We began with a meditation based upon the Workbook Lesson of the day: (163) There is no death.  The Son of God is free.  We used Jesus’ beautiful prayer at the end of the Lesson, to take into silent meditation.

In His prayer, Jesus asks that God bless our eyes, and give them the ability to see beyond the illusion of death which confronts us, continually.  This He asks, so that we may see the eternal life that shines in all!

As always, we shared our own experience of working with this lesson and examples from the day.

Our Text reading and study was

Chapter 15 THE HOLY INSTANT, Section V. The Holy Instant and Special Relationships.  We read together as always, and made sure we had a working sense of these

specific concepts of “Holy Instant”

and “special relationship”, and then how these terms appear in our life experience.


Wednesday ACIM Study Group by Video/Phone Conferencing

Hello everyone. We began with a meditation from today’s lesson 164; for two minutes, we practiced affectionate breathing, taking in love on the inhale and sending love out on the exhale. We then checked in, briefly sharing how we were.

Our reading for today was from The Manual for Teachers, from which comes this paragraph:

M-23.7. This course has come from him because his words have reached you in a language you can love and understand. 2 Are other teachers possible, to lead the way to those who speak in different tongues and appeal to different symbols? 3 Certainly there are. 4 Would God leave anyone without a very present help in time of trouble; a savior who can symbolize Himself? 5 Yet do we need a many-faceted curriculum, not because of content differences, but because symbols must shift and change to suit the need. 6 Jesus has come to answer yours. 7 In him you find God’s Answer. 8 Do you, then, teach with him, for he is with you; he is always here.

We discussed the role of Jesus in healing, the fact that he symbolizes the unconditional love of God, that we can call upon him because he has made the same journey we are making now, and that other teachers too have manifested this love.

All of us shared examples from our lives to illustrate the ways in which God’s love has healed and strengthened us.

Please feel free to join us each Wednesday at 12:30 PM, Central time.

Many Blessings,

Mari Dole

To join in our Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday ACIM Study Groups via video or phone conferencing, see the information at this link.

For Madison, Wisconsin information, go to this link.


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