Have you signed up for Deb’s Steps to Inner Peace program yet? This month’s theme is Self-Compassion.

This week in the program, Deb will be offering to members these online resources:

  • Self-Compassion Affirmation
  • Worksheet for Self-Compassion
  • Guided Meditation
  • Talk #1 on Self-Compassion
  • Mindful Yoga Sequence (This week Chair Yoga which makes yoga accessible to all)
  • Reflection Quote
  • 35% Discount on the 13-week Self-Compassion Book Study that starts September 10th (If you can’t meet at the scheduled times, I can work with you personally via email and chat.) There is an online option on Monday mornings or an in-person option.

The program is only $15.95 a month and offers you many resources each month on the particular theme as well as discounts on some of Deb’s classes and coaching through her Meditation Stepping Stones website. This is a great way to support and appreciate Deb as a teacher. As you know, the monies that are received through MiraclesOne goes strictly to MiraclesOne expenses, and no one on MiraclesOne’s volunteer staff receives compensation.

Deb has made available to you this additional venue so you can support her directly. Many know Deb’s gentle, meditative voice, her fresh and natural style, her sense of humor, and her practical teaching.

Watch this overview video to learn more, or go to the website Steps to Inner Peace at www.stepstoinnerpeace.com.

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Rev. Deb Phelps, C.MI., RYT has extensive knowledge through almost 40 years of personal experience, certifications, and training. She has participated in 1000’s of hours of meditation with groups and individuals. She is also a spiritual teacher and minister for over 25 years. Additionally, for over 22 years she has been a yoga practitioner and is a Registered Yoga Teacher specializing in Mindful Yoga and Chair Yoga. She is also a Laughter Wellness Facilitator. She is dedicated to assisting you in your personal meditation and mindful living goals. 

Deb has produced podcasts, videos, writings, and books for many years. Many know her gentle meditative voice, her fresh and natural style, her sense of humor, and her practical teaching.


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