Our first module “Being a Teacher of God” in our “A Circle of Peace: Characteristics of God’s Teachers” self-study program is now available to the public.

Rev. Deb has been taking our Monthly Donor cohort through this program and donors have been absolutely thrilled with the in-depth application in all areas of their lives as they progress through each lesson and supporting videos, meditations, and materials. The live practice circles each week have been rich as practitioners share with vulnerability, self-compassion, and forgiveness.

Our first module is now available to anyone as self-study. Included is an extensive workbook for the module with processes and exercises to expand your horizon, weekly meditations, videos and insightful articles for your journey. A private Facebook group is available for sharing with others.

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Characteristics of God’s Teachers | Module 1: Being a Teacher of God

Characteristics of God’s Teachers
Module 1: Being a Teacher of God

A Circle of Peace | Characteristics of God’s Teachers is a comprehensive full-year program in learning how to be a Teacher of God by embracing fully the Ten Characteristics of God’s Teachers as defined in the Manual for Teachers. Included will be weekly meditations, videos, posts, assignments, and a Practice Circle where our innermost thoughts will be shared.

The reality about “Being a Teacher of God” is that no one needs a certification to teach. One is a Teacher of God by their desire to be one alone. Being a Teacher of God is more about finding a connection to your understanding of Spirit, demonstrating by how you carry yourself in your life, confidence, and vitality. Trainings and other ACIM-inspired books will only serve to expose the student to the material. To truly learn how to master your craft you have to experience it and share it.

We will spend the balance of the year on each characteristic specifically (Trust, Honesty, etc) with support materials from not only ACIM but various authors and exercises.

As you read and study each week’s lessons, you will receive:

  • weekly guided meditations
  • videos
  • and important guidance thoughts to consider

This in-depth study requires daily dedication to journaling, meditation, specific exercises and other supporting processes.

Although the Live Practice Circle is closed for new members, a Facebook group is available to those in the self-study version of the program.


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