Merry Christmas Mighty Companions!

I am so excited because this year we are going to learn how to celebrate Christmas in a whole new light! Jesus explains in our first Christmas reading that we do not know how to celebrate Christmas but the Holy Spirit with teach us if we turn our attention inward to perceive the Light. When we get a glimpse of our Inner Light using our spiritual sight it is a holy instant in which we recognize our True Self for a moment and a rebirth happens. Jesus refers to this experience as the “time of Christ” and states in “Lesson 44: God is the light in which I see” that the experience will be our happiest accomplishment. So, as we begin to prepare ourselves for this year’s Christmas celebration, let’s make it extra special by giving ourselves the best Christmas present ever by learning how to perceive our Inner Light. I invite everyone to join with me in the practice of Lesson 44 as many times as you can this week to receive and experience this amazing gift for ourselves!

Blessings from the Light!

Rev. Paul


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