Course Dates: Open-ended
Enrollment Dates: Enroll Anytime
Who can Enroll: Anyone
Course Language: English
Price:  $40.00
Let Him Lead the Way Self-Study Course

About this course

Do you frequently say these types of statements to yourself?

  • “I’ll be happy or peaceful when ______ happens.”
  • “I’ll dedicate time to my spiritual life when I get this (work/home project/task etc.) completed.”
  • “I’ll take time to meditate if ______ happened first.”
  • “It’s a dangerous world out there, I better watch CNN now, and I’ll read the Course later.”

Admit it; by procrastinating, you have in fact put off your spiritual life. You know you have by how you are feeling much of the time: tense, stressed, and uneasy.  You are driving around the block in circles hoping that a gas station will magically appear so you can refill your tank instead of realizing it’s right there on the next street. Unfortunately, you hope your life will magically resolve itself for you instead of traveling to where you need to go to refuel and rest.

On the other hand, are you feeling pretty calm most of the time and practice ACIM consistently? Would you like to experience more of an awakening?

In this class, you will be on a journey with the Holy Spirit. It will be one of intention, focus, determination, and dedication.

During this class series, you will learn how to use your “COMPASS.” This “COMPASS” will strengthen your focus on the Holy Spirit. By doing so, you will find He will bring a centeredness, openness, peace, and a sense of direction to your life.

Are you ready to be pointed in the right direction? This class series will do so.

You can opt to meet with a mentor as you go through this course or at the end. Extra charge applies.


This class can be taken as self-study or if you choose, you can work one on one with Rev. Deb Phelps each week and we will journey through this together as mighty companions.

NOTE: This class is a self-study class, if you wish to meet with a mentor, there is an extra charge. 

Course Structure

  • Introduction
  • Session 1 - Centeredness
  • Session 2 - Openness
  • Session 3 - Mindfulness
  • Session 4 - Peace
  • Session 5 - Ask
  • Session 6 - Conclusion