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Entitled to Miracles!

About this course

I am Entitled to Miracles! Class 

with Rev. Deb Phelps

This Living ACIM Class is based on Rev. Deb Phelps’ book I am Entitled to Miracles! Simple Ways to Apply the Principles in ACIM.

Through this class we will explore the following concepts presented in Rev. Deb’s book:

  • The Importance of Practical Application of A Course in Miracles 
  • Becoming Quiet and Listening to the Holy Spirit’s Voice
  • How to Remain Neutral and Be at Peace in Any Situation
  • Forgiveness of Yourself and Others
  • How to Integrate What You Have Learned in Your Daily Life

Required Materials: I am Entitled to Miracles!by Rev. Deb Phelps and A Course in Miracles

For questions or comments, and for personal contact with Rev. Deb, email to: