What is Creation & What am I? | Living ACIM Class

It doesn’t matter if you are a new student to A Course in Miracles, or have been studying for some time. When we can come open-minded to the Course and its Lessons with a sense of wonder while keeping the ego checked at the door, we truly grow in spirit.

In our Thursday, Living A Course in Miracles conferencing classes this year, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at core concepts raised in the discourses in Part II of the Workbook.

In this class, we will dive in a little deeper as we learn and experience: What is Creation and What am I?

Together we will learn what A Course in Miracles says in these discourses in the Workbook on these topics. The class will be supported by additional readings and materials, such as ACIM Text and Manual for Teacher readings, visualizations, meditation, daily homework assignments, journaling, and weekly class sharing and participation in the class email forum.

Upcoming classes over the course of the year will target additional discourses from the Workbook, Part II. More details on our Year of Practical Application

Options: Attend via video conferencing or our self-study option.


4 Thursdays as Follows
October 3, 10, 17, 24th
Fee: $50

Please note: This is a 4-week class and not 8 weeks as we finish our last two discourses in the Workbook for Students. There will be another class to end the year called “The Light WIthin” and it will start on 11/7.


7:00 pm EST/6:00 pm CST
5:00 pm MST/4:00 pm PST
90-minute session

Class Options:

Live video/phone conferencing sessions with other ACIM Students
Self-Study class with class recordings of Rev. Deb’s Teaching and assignments

Our Thursday ACIM classes are now 8-weeks in duration to accommodate more sharing and discussion times available to students who attend class live. There will be no recordings of sessions on the discussion weeks. Recordings consist of Rev. Deb and our study group facilitators, Gayle Bartlett and Mari Dole.

Note This is a 4 week class. 8 week classes return in January 2020.

Typically the  8-week class schedule will be, although note that the sequence is subject to change:

  • Week 1 – Introduction and Intention Sharing
  • Week 2 – Teaching
  • Week 3 – Open Sharing/Discussion Week (no recording)
  • Week 4 – Teaching
  • Week 5 – Teaching
  • Week 6 – Open Sharing/Discussion Week (no recording)
  • Week 7 – Teaching
  • Week 8 – Closing and Sharing

Registration and Payment Options:

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  • Love Offering Class Donation: $75 for the entire 8-week session 
  • Self-Study Class Donation: $40 for Teaching Materials, Videos, and Audios alone. 
  • Our Monthly Donors/Patrons at the $50 or above monthly level: Both the live class and the self-study class are free to you via the marked button.
  • If you need a sliding scale, please contact us and let us know how much you can donate.

Monthly Donors at $50 or above level use the Free Coupon Code you were sent via email to Register for Class

After you register, you will be added to our class communication and details will be given on how to participate in the virtual classroom by video or phone.
If you opt for the self-study version, you will be given details when the first class recording is available to you online.

Our easy peasy HD-Videoconferencing makes it easy to attend. Click a link and you are in the room. No Skype, no Google Hangouts needed. Just ease of use through your computer, iPhone, iPad or Android devices! You can also phone in if you do not have video capabilities.

NOTE: The video conferencing is private. It is not broadcast. Only those in attendance are part of the video conference call. Self-study recordings do not include participants sharing.





October 17 @ 18:00
6:00 pm — 7:30 pm (1h 30′)

Video/Phone Conferencing

Self-Study Option – $40 Class FeePay the Registration Live Class Fee $50


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