Miracles in Madison, Wisconsin

Due to the current Coronavirus pandemic, we will meet online on Sundays, starting March 15th and continue as long as necessary.

Online ACIM Study Groups

Sundays at 10:30 am
Tuesdays at 7:00 pm
Wednesdays at 12:30 pm



Sunday A Course in Miracles Study Group
with Rev. Paul Phelps

ACIM Study begins at 10:30 am

Held at: Peaceful Wellness (formerly Meditate Madison)
621 N. Sherman Ave, B11

Everyone Welcome!

This is an in-person study group.

This session is NOT recorded or livestreamed.

We have a private email group available for our members to share between study group meetings, ask us to join at the next group meeting you attend.

Suggested Donation $10-$15 per session
but no one turned away who cannot donate.

Learn more about A Course in Miracles
A spiritual thought system of universal love, peace, healing and forgiveness.

See information on the meditation,
yoga and other mind-body-spirit classes
offered at Peaceful Wellness with Rev. Deb Phelps

Learn more about Revs. Deb and Paul Phelps

Be sure to see the rest of this website for all of our ACIM Resources
(audios, videos, articles, books & more)
we offer ACIM Students around the world! 


It is helpful to bring your ACIM Book,
and a notebook or journal for notes.

  1. We are gathered here to create a sacred space for all members of the group. We do so by offering honor and respect to everyone, student and instructor alike.
  2. In respect to the group and the instructor, we arrive ready to begin on time and turn off our cell phones. 
  3. Our focus of the group is on the study and practical application of ACIM in our own lives. We accept that it is our individual responsibility for the group to remain on this focus.
  4. We are here to heal our mind, therefore, we believe in self-awareness and self-responsibility.
  5. We share from our own personal experience and avoid giving advice to others. (Advice can come in the form of telling someone what they should do in a situation, other philosophies, modalities, groups or organizations, health products, recipes, doctors, shopping, who to vote for, promoting yourself or what you sell, etc. Please take this outside of our sacred space.)
  6. We listen with an open heart and mind.
  7. We acknowledge that we all have the Holy Spirit’s Guidance within us.
  8. When we feel we are finished sharing our thoughts, we say “I’m done” so others will know our sharing is complete and the next person can share.
  9. We are mindful of allowing everyone the chance to speak.
  10. We recognize the confidentiality of the group.


Our World-Wide Virtual Center (and Madison Study Group) is run completely by volunteers, including Deb and Paul Phelps. Your donations are appreciated to help to pay the myriad of expenses we encounter for the ministry: storage rent, rental for Sunday Madison study group, video/phone conferencing for our online study groups, outreach services, phone and internet services, utilities, online storage for audio/video archives, postage, retreat deposits, and more. Suggested donation per most study sessions/classes is $5-15. However, no one is turned away from any of our programs or services due to lack of funds. Just ask.

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In these studies and classes, we join with our MiraclesOne ACIM Students across the world.

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